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A portrait should encapsulate the whole person. More than skin-deep, a brief moment frozen in time that captures the raw essence of the subject. This is what you should come to expect from Seen Imagery. Visceral, emotive photographs- an entire human experience summed up in a frame.

Below, you'll find a truncated, general portfolio through which you may peruse. Every Friday, a weekly blog entry with curated visuals and poetic musings will be released. I promise them to be both compelling and visually stunning. If you wish to book a portrait session, please click "Get Seen" in the site menu to schedule a consultation, or simply click here. I can't wait to capture you.


Vaughan Harrison | Creative Director & Photographer



A Superficial Deep-Dive into the Life of Vaughan Harrison

I'm a thirty-year-old native to Kansas City, Missouri. For as long as I can possibly remember, art has played a significant role in my life. As a child, I recall making up stories in my head with complex characters and unique plots. I also remember quickly learning to play the piano by ear when my dad bought me my first electric keyboard at age 12. I was writing songs and living vicarious lives through lyrics I'd never lived within days of its acquisition. I always preferred creating rather than socializing or playing outside.

I've been involved with, passionate about, and consumed by so many different forms of art throughout my life from choral conducting, to spoken word, and- of course- photography. I got my first DSLR at age 16 as a gift. A beautiful Canon D90. Photography, at the time, was a method by which I could express my agency as an emancipated minor, my individuality, and my unique perspective of the world (which all 16-year-olds believe they have.)

It wouldn't be until 2021, after many years of growing pains, acknowledging limitations, self-reflection, and healing from trauma that I would realize I wanted to make a career out of being an artist; thus, here we are.

Seen is a love letter to younger me- a promise of visibility to those suffering from mental illness, from trauma, from the throngs of existence. This is a rebellion against everything I told myself I couldn't do. This is me fighting. This is me winning.

To check out my blog, click here. To book a shoot with me and support black art, click here.


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